At Cobble Hill Painting, we know that our clients are busy people who have little time and important things to do. That’s why we strive to make our process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Step One — Contact Our Team! You can call, email, or use the contact form to get in touch with one of our painting experts. If we miss your call, we guarantee that we’ll reach out within one business day. A team representative will schedule a meeting at your location to discuss your project and see the space.

Step Two — You’ll receive an quote by email. If everything looks great, you’ll sign the quote, and it will become your official quote, which is 100% guaranteed.

Step Three — Work begins on your scheduled day. If you’d like to change anything to your order, such as adding an accent or feature wall, these changes can be made as necessary. Both you, as the client, and our signing officer must sign off on any changes.

Step Four — Work ends on or before your completion date. Keep in mind that if you make a change to your order, an extension may be necessary to cover the contract changes.

What You Can Expect from Your Project

You don’t have to be home while our team is painting, but you will need to make arrangements for us. Obviously, we’ll need to access the space that we’ll be painting, and it’s not a bad idea to check in with the team if there’s anything you’d like them to know before they begin. Once our team starts working, we welcome you to stay in your home during the majority of the project. But if you would prefer to be out of the house while we work, our professional team will treat your home with only the utmost respect and careful consideration.

Similarly, your children and pets are welcome to remain in your home. However, you know your dependents best. If you think they’re too mischievous to safely be around paint and workers, you may wish to make arrangements for them to stay with their grandparents or a pet-sitter.

Cobble Hill Painting strives to make your project as simple and unintrusive as possible. We always choose the safest paints available, but sometimes specific challenges require the use of paints or coatings that release higher levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. If your project requires any of these specific coatings, we will advise you ahead of time, so you can make plans to avoid the work area while the coatings are applied.

Once we’re in your space, our first challenge is to craft a plan for containing contaminants (dust, dirt, paint fumes, etc) and protecting your home or business. For each project, we create a containment and safety plan for our team and for your property. We use dust and vapour barriers as necessary, and we carefully protect floor surfaces, counters, windows, furniture, artwork, and everything else. We put every effort possible into protecting your family, visitors, and property from injury and damage.

Please remember, that once we’ve finished, decor and artwork should stay off the painted surface for at least 24 hours. This will prevent any wet paint from damaging your decor, and it will ensure the paint has set and will not be marked. Even our favourite low VOC coatings will produce the typical paint smell. This smell will linger around 48 hours, so we recommend scheduling your project to finish at least 2-3 days before any events that you may host.

Cobble Hill Painting prioritizes our client’s experience. It is our goal to offer only the most superb customer service and flawless finishes for your home or business. We look forward to hearing about your project, and the sooner we start, the sooner you can enjoy living and working in your reimagined space. Contact us today.